Quran & Sunnah

A simple app for a simple lifestyle.

  • Read & Listen to Quran

    We've added many translations and several well-known Qaaris (reciters) for you to choose from. We hope you will be using this feature constantly!

  • Massive Ahadith & Dua Collection

    Thanks to Allah and then the Brothers at Sunnah.com, we've integrated their massive collection of ahadith into ProMuslim.

  • No Ads!

    One of the worst things in islamic apps nowadays are ads. The type of content pushed through to you and your children is simply not acceptable and we cannot risk our users' wellbeing for a little extra income.

  • GPS Optional

    We've included a large offline city location database in the app so that you can calculate prayer times without the need of GPS. Just select a city near you and ProMuslim will do the rest.

  • Qibla Finder

    Easily locate the prayer direction using GPS.

  • Calendar

    See important upcoming dates or track your fasting and Jumuah streaks. We've taken the time to provide evidence from the Quran and Sunnah for every upcoming event, so that we do not fall into innovations. You can view the proof in the app.

We take your privacy seriously!

That is why ProMuslim does not require you to register any account and we do not collect any data from you. If GPS is used to locate you then we do not upload this, or any, data to our server.

No account registration

You don't need to register any account to use ProMuslim.

GPS not required

GPS location can be turned off and used solely in "offline" mode by selecting a city near you in order to calculate prayer times.

No tracking

Again, we do not send any of your data to our server and we do not track you in any way.

Want to help the Ummah?

Now you can! We've partnered up with, AYDA, a non-profit organization based in Istanbul, Turkey to provide dire help in the Muslim world.

Sponsor an Orphan

At AYDA we have teams in several countries which continually send us updated lists of orphans. You can take a look on the AYDA website to find out more specific information about each listed orphan.

Help the Uighurs!

While many Uighur parents are in concentration camps we are here in Istanbul taking care of their children! Join us and be a part of it!

Stay Connected

If you are a strong-willed brother, or sister, looking to make Hijrah and/or want to help in real life, let us know and maybe we can arrange a visit to Istanbul!

Learn more about AYDA

Built for the Muslims by the Muslims

Here is a list of the main features ProMuslim has to offer.

  • Accurate prayer times - offline or using GPS

  • Quran translations, recitations and readings

  • Qibla finder

  • Collection of over 100,000 ahadith

  • Dua database

  • Calendar with authentic islamic events

  • Donation possibilities built-in

App Screenshots

Here is a little preview of what ProMuslim has to offer.

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